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Vision Enhancing Systems (VES) User
VES made it easier for me to see objects and read from afar.
It is more convenient for me to use particularly during lectures in
class, in reading the menu in fast food chains, when using the
computer, also when reading books.
It is also easier for me to find someone in the middle of a crowd, in
reading signage along the streets, and when watching plays in theater.
On the other hand, it could have been more helpful for us if the
magnification is higher, but aside from that, using this device has
been a great help in my everyday liven.


Vision Enhancing Systems (VES) User

Bioptic telescope has been a huge help for me since we purchased it last December. As an albino, I used to have difficulty reading books, lectures on black boards, vehicle signage etc.  Somehow, I managed to come up with a little remedy by using binoculars and magnifying glasses for distant and near objects respectively. The beauty of bioptic telescope aside from performing both the duties of these devices is that it can also do what these devices cannot such as reading mid-range objects.

Being a Civil engineer, bioptics has helped me both in office and field works. I can now read plans and make reports on computer without being too close to it, reducing the stress and inconvenience. I am still practicing it during field inspection though.



Vision Enhancing Systems (VES) User
When the time came that I had a bioptic glass I can now do things
which I can't do before like using computer and watching TV. I'm
always wearing my bioptic glass everytime I'm watching TV so that I
can see clearly the faces of the people and can read the words on TV
same as when I'm using computer.
I also wearing my bioptic glass when I'm writing so thst I can write
in normal writing distance because before when I'm writing my face is
very close to the paper.


Vision Enhancing Systems (VES) User
I have been using the bioptic telescope in almost 8 months and so
far it has quite helpful for me in some areas of my daily activities
particularly in attending huddles, seminars, trainings, and
presentations. As an employee with Stargardt's condition, it is a
day-to-day challenge for me to read texts/articles in the presentation
over a projector/monitor which had become a dead interest for me and
been dependent in audio discussion in many years. The device increased
the attention I put in the recent presentation-based events I have
attended upon commencing to use the tool.Yet, I believe that even with
the aforementioned positive notices with the tool there would be more
future improvements to the device that will enhance the reading
experience of the the customer. 1: the telescope itself would be
automatically focus on specific area or developed a feature on the
same effect. 2: For manual tool like what I have with 6x
magnification, the magnification I need would be above than 6x as I
encounter difficulty in reading statistical texts during our
meetings/presentations.3: would it be possible it the manufacturer can
develop a color-inverting feature of the telescope?
In general, I am happy with help that the tool has brought largely  to
my work activities. Looking forward for the new and updated version of
the tool.


TV Host

Cesca Litton has always been active -  but the hassle of contact lenses was cramping her lifestyle: "It wasn't so much what I wanted to see, but what I wanted to do." After treatment at the American Eye Center, however, she was soon climbing mountains and scuba diving. Getting LASIK, she shares, was the best decision she ever made.



Co-Founder, I love koi swimwear
American Eye was my first choice when it came to having Lasik done on my eyes. Dra. Alnette Tan explained the whole process to me so I didn't have any hesitation and I wasn't scared at all. My vision cleared just a few hours after the operation :) I've had clear vision for a year now and I'm so happy and contented! I can do outdoor activities without having the hassle of bringing my contact lenses or eye glasses. No regrets! Thank you American Eye and Dra. Alnette!:)


Supermodel/Jewelry Designer/avid Squash player

Supermodel turned jewelry designer Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez is very much hands-on in creating her accessories. Working meticulously on her jewelry designs, though, eventually took its toll on her eyes. “When I focus on my work, I become so absorbed that I often forget that the lighting is low,” she admitted. “I also read for long hours. I used to wear glasses and I experienced frequent migraines.”

Accompanied by her daughter and her husband, de Leon said she was nervous at first. “Everyone from American Eye Center prepared me well,” she said. “They thoroughly explained the step-by-step process of the procedure I was about to undergo, gave me precise details about the medicines for use after the LASIK procedure including the discomforts I will encounter.  I knew what to expect and therefore was able to handle the experience and recovery pretty well.”

“The period of discomfort lasted no longer than I was briefed,” she said. “The next morning was a brand new day! It seemed like nothing happened the day before and I was back to what I’m doing.”

Thanks to this gift of clear eyesight, Tweetie can continue gifting the world with her fabulous creations. 



Newscaster, ABS-CBN

A lot of people recognize Gretchen Malalad as the Filipino Southeast Asian Games gold medalist in karate competitions in 2001, 2003, and 2005. She also joined the Binibining Pilipinas 2002 and was also a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition in 2006.

As though such active pursuits were not enough, she also served as a second-class airwoman in the Philippine Air Force. These days, Malalad graces the airwaves as a reporter for ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol World and Bandila.

Unknown to many, though, her eyesight was so bad that she had been totally dependent   on her eyeglasses and contact lenses. Without these, she said, she wouldn’t even have been able to find her way home. 

Malalad said American Eye Center was recommended to her by a senior black belter who knows Dr. Alnette Tan. “I know American Eye Center is the first to offer this kind of procedure in the Philippines,” Malalad said.  “I was so hesitant at first, but when it was explained to me thoroughly, I was enlightened and assured.”

She was surprised to find that the procedure was so quick. “I felt a bit of discomfort for three hours.  I just slept and when I woke up, my eyesight started getting clearer at once,” she said. “The following morning, I didn’t look for my eyeglasses anymore. I even went jogging. “



A few weeks before I trekked off into the Amazing Race Asia, I knew my contact lenses wouldn't hold up to the rigors of the race. There was no other option but to try LASIK. I went in for a consultation, scheduled my surgery the next day and voila! Instant eyesight a day later. It was THAT easy. I hate to sound like a cliche, but the difference was truly miraculous. We went on to dominate the Amazing Race Asia and make TV history. LASIK is about "confidence" and "freedom" - if you cherish both, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


I've always had poor eyesight and I remember wearing my first pair of eyeglasses at a very young age. I have always felt constrained with it, I've always felt that it was some sort of a hindrance, I never really felt free. In my line of work, the feeling of being simply comfortable counts, in conceptualization, to actual shoots and most importantly during post production or editing where I am facing the computer for lengthy amount of time. After the LASIK, I just could not believe it... it felt as if I had lost a rock on my shoulder, I felt totally free! Without having to worry if I would misplace my eye glasses or drive back home because I had forgotten it. Now I can do my shoot and not remove any glasses as it usually is a distraction more so putting them back on to actually see the image from my camera. I just feel totally free. And I love it.


Co-founder of 360 Fitness Club, Ortigas and Makati
Getting lasik surgery is the best investment I have ever made. I've had poor eyesight ever since I was in grade 5, so eyeglasses and contact lens were already a staple part of my life before lasik. I cannot count the times I've panicked when I thought my lens had fallen out of my eye, or worse, gotten stuck inside! I must have looked super cool all those times I was on my knees searching for that tiny, transparent, chameleon friend of mine (who always had a knack of falling off my finger).

You can imagine how wonderful it must have felt to wake up with perfect vision for the first time in a long time. No more poking my eye when rushing to put on my contact lenses first thing in the morning. No more having to drag myself out of bed whenever I forgot to take off my lenses before going to sleep. 20-20 vision is a blessing I took for granted when I was a nerdy kid reading archie comics in the car despite my mom's constant nagging. I thought I would be resigned to being blind as a bat forever, and now I've never been happier to be able to see the pimples on my face clearly without having to squint at the bathroom mirror.

Forget the horror stories about eye surgery. Just suck it up and leave it up to Dra. Alnette Tan-- she'll get it done right, and it'll be over sooner than you think. I promise you won't regret it!


First, getting Lasik was one of the best decisions I've made. The surgery lasted just a few minutes and when it was over I knew I had made the right choice. I've been wearing contact lenses for 6 years since I was the type of person who doesn't like wearing my glasses for fashion's sake. But within those 6 years I would regularly have my eyes checked because of constant dryness and irritation. I decided to have the laser eye surgery because I was tired of having headaches 4-6 times per week. To this day, I have not had a headache. Not only is my vision wonderful, but no more headaches. And I'm hoping that many of you out there will decide to get LASIK because it changed my life. I highly recommend American Eye Center for All Laser LASIK.

Philip Cruz

Life Altering Super Investment Key (L.A.S.I.K) to unlock a sharper, clearer outlook in life! Had mine since 2001 after a decade of wearing specs and contacts. Never looked back ever since. Thanks AEC!
Cha Salido


Until now, I still can't believe that my one decision changed my life forever.

I had an accident when I was 7yrs old damaging my left eye. I practically grew up "banlag". It was difficult to talk to people I do not know coz they think I'm talking to the person beside them. For 25 years, Ive had my share of being laughed at and embarassed because I was "banlag".

But everything changed when Dr. Badj Bolinao of the American eye center told me that it can be fixed. I was hesitant at first coz I was afraid that my eye condition might get worse but Dra. Bolinao assured me that the procedure wouldn't take long and its painless.

I agreed to undergo the procedure and the rest was history...

I will be forever grateful to Dra.Badj Bolinao and the American eye center for changing my life. I owe you big time. God bless!
Nora Tan


Dean - College of Science, Bulacan State University
Thank you for giving me back my 20/20 vision! Before my cataract surgery at the American Eye Center, I had difficulty in reading and seeing even with my eyeglasses on. Now, I can read and see clearly, both at near and far distances.

What I loved about the process was that there was no pain during and after the surgery. There were some precautions to take, but I was able to go back to work the day after my operation. For me, the most interesting aftermath of this surgery is that I am now free from the hassle of wearing eyeglasses, and free (at last) to wear sunglasses and still be able to see clearly.
Raymond Reyes


I consider myself to very blessed and fortunate to have encountered American Eye Center, because it had helped me improve my quality of life, through the low vision gadgets that was introduced to me. Through these gadgets, I was able to perform my work once again now, after a period of almost four years and likewise I can be able to give talks once more to our community in Couples for Christ.

These low vision gadgets, in particular, the video magnifier, had helped me to read the documents I need to read in the performance of my work and also the materials that I need to read and reflect on in giving my talks, especially the Bible.


A few weeks before I trekked off into the Amazing Race Asia, I knew my contact lenses wouldn't hold up to the rigors of the race. There was no other option but to try LASIK. I went in for a consultation, scheduled my surgery the next day and voila! Instant eyesight a day later. It was THAT easy. I hate to sound like a cliche, but the difference was truly miraculous. We went on to dominate the Amazing Race Asia and make TV history. LASIK is about "confidence" and "freedom" - if you cherish both, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.