Cesar Espiritu



Cataract, Cornea, External Diseases, Uveitis



Dr. Espiritu practices at the Associated Eye Specialists, the American Eye Center and serves as vice-chairman of the Manila Doctors Hospital ophthalmology department.

He earned his degree as Doctor of Medicine at the University of the Philippines and obtained his ophthalmology training from the University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital.  He completed a fellowship in cornea, uveitis and infectious diseases at the Francis I. Proctor Foundation, University of California in San Francisco. 

Dr. Espiritu is a founding member of the Philippine Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Philippine Ocular Inflammation Society and the Cornea Club of the Philippines of which he serves as current president.  He is also a member of the board of examiners of the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology, the course director of the Center for Ophthalmic Microsurgical Skills Advancement, and the chief of service of the cataract section of the department of ophthalmology of The Medical City Hospital.

He is recognized as one of the top cataract surgeons and key opinion leaders locally and internationally.  Testament to this is the total of twelve live cataract surgery demonstrations that he has done in eye conventions abroad since 2005 (Jakarta, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Lahore, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hanoi, Chicago, Berlin and Sydney).  He is also a much sought after speaker and moderator on his key interests which are infectious diseases, corneal surgery and cataract surgery.